June 28, 2004
Anonymous Pain

A while ago I made a weblog for anonymous posting-> Anonyblog.

Anyone can go there, log in and post whatever they want. The username/password are right on the front page.

I expected that people would rant about other people, work, and things that piss them off. There has been some of that, but by far the most posting thing is about how sad people are.

Post after post about how things suck in their life. Take a look at the searches people are doing to stumble onto the site.

Where do you have to be in life to search for 'am i insane' on Google?

Such pain and sadness out there. And why are they afraid to share it with others? Why are they anonymous in their pain?

As an extroverted type, it's hard for me to understand people dealing with their issues in this introverted way.

Posted by michael at June 28, 2004 08:39 PM