June 24, 2004
Firefly Lives and courts the blogosphere

I saw on Slashdot that the site for the Firefly movie is up and running.

In case you missed Firefly when it was on the air, it was a sci-fi TV show that blended wild west style plots into a future space universe. Good stuff. I bought the DVDs of the first season and really enjoy them.

The site has a lot of stuff for fans to participate in the promotion of the movie. It's good to see a movie production actively working with their fans rather than ordering them to take content down. Fans are rewarded for their internet involvement with real prizes and items. The proverbial win-win situation.

For example, the Firefly folks are actively encouraging the fans to make banner ads and display them. Here's a fan made banner I like, that the movie company is happy to be displayed.

How kick ass is that?

Talk about 'getting it', these guys are totally using the net and weblogs in particular to promote their movie. How do they do it? Release control and allow fans to use the movie content. The producers are obviously looking to connect with the blogosphere and are willing to give up some control in doing so. Them Creative Commons people should drop them a line and get something like a Recombo license up there...

Posted by michael at June 24, 2004 07:40 PM