June 01, 2004
Out of town

Michele and I went out of town for our Anniversary. The kids were with my parents and Michele made reservations at a hotel in Indian Wells, near Palm Springs.

On the 60 Freeway, there was a brushfire that slowed down traffic to a near halt. We spent 90 minutes going about 8 miles to get past the problem. I was fit to be tied.

Once we made it out toward the desert, we saw the windmills.

Windmills in Palm Desert

There were several hundred large windmills in the canyon valley generating electricity. I twas amzing to see them all spinning.

We got to the hotel, took a break and had a nice dinner. The next morning we ate breakfast outside on the room patio while we watched hummingbirds flit around. Quite relaxing.

Luxurious Breakfast

Michele wanted to do some shopping at the Outlet Center at Cabezon, so we did the tourist thing and wandered around looking for deals. I'm not a big shopper, but I did indulge myself at the Brooks Brothers store. They make a line of dress shirts that are called 'No Iron'. Take it form me, they really mean it. You can wash the shirt, put in in the dryer and it pops out ready to wear. No ironing needed and it looks great. I cannot resist them.

After our fill of shopping we hit the road for home ready to start the next ten years of marriage.

On the road
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