May 24, 2004

Today Michele and I saw a coyote.

Last night around four-something in the morning Michele heard sirens and cops and firemen show up behind our house. Behind our house is a power line right-of-way (think open space), and behind that is a small apartment building. Of course, I slept through this and only woke up when the turned on the friggin' chainsaw at about five.

We went outside to see what they were doing, but with my eyes, I couldn't see crap and went back to bed. Michele's conjecture was that they were removing a 800 lb. person from the apt. and were widening the door with the chainsaw. I asked, "Why would they do that at 5AM?", turned over and went back to sleep.

After taking the kids to school, we drove around back to see what had happened to the building. Evidently there had been a small fire and the firemen had been using the chainsaw in some fireman way.

I looked into the right-of-way and saw a coyote.

I tried to sneak closer for a better shot with the trust phonecam, but the coyote started to walk away. Immediately, I ran after the coyote. Don't know what I was doing by running after the coyote or what I would if I caught up to it...

Just something in the back of the brain saying strongly to me, "GET COYOTE NOW!!!". Instinct ranks high in my book and I tend to follow it. So there I was in my work clothes, running flat out after a coyote at 8:30 in the morning for no apparent reason.

Posted by michael at May 24, 2004 09:55 AM