May 16, 2004
Sunday stuff

I still haven't finished my E3 stuff yet. I suck. I know.

Dad Stuff

Zoe and I went to a horse show where she won her event.

She's becoming quite the horsewoman.

Other stuff

My project for the day was making some pulled pork. I bought a pork shoulder at the supermaket. I had spoken to Martin about it previously and had my game plan laid out.

I put my smoke rub on the shoulder and got the smoker smoking.

This is what the shoulder looked like after eight hours in the smoker.

The pork fell apart in my hands and I was able to easily shred it and discard the bones. The fat had all melted away and the meat was easy to handle.

I made a BBQ sauce based on KC Masterpiece that I found on the net. The sauce was pretty good, but a little vinegary. Perhaps overnight in the fridge will mellow it a bit.

Posted by michael at May 16, 2004 11:06 PM