May 11, 2004
Cargo Magazine

You know you've been looking at the cover, wondering what's inside.

You think, "I kinda want to buy it, but if I do, what will others think?" Aren't these 'lifestyle' magazines for women? Cosmo, Vogue, Glamour, etc. The list of magazines like this goes on and on, full of tampon ads, stinky perfume, quizes, and makeup tips. I can't go there, can I?

There are men's magazines like Maxim, FHM, and Playboy, but they aren't really the kind of thing that you can read at the kitchen table while the kids eat breakfast. GQ is a good magazine, but no geek I know wants the clothes and other stupid crap they advertise. GQ's idea of new technology is a digital watch.

At a glance, Cargo looks very appealing. But for a man to pick up a copy almost seems effeminate in some way. Would buying a 'lifestyle' magazine for men without nude photos make me less manly?

Men, I'm happy to report that it's OK. I'll be the first to admit that I picked up a copy of Cargo Magazine.

I too had looked at the cover longingly while waiting in the checkout line, wondering what could be inside. I mean, really, how interesting could it be to me? Anything in print must be way out of date to a person like me that mainlines the net about 18 hours per day.

Well, today I'm here to tell you that the Cargo magazine is all good. Nice little snippets of info. Plenty of stuff I hadn't seen before and I haven't even read the whole thing yet.

Yes, Cargo is the magazine for the mature geek. With a range of topics from six pages on MP3 players to razor burn lotion to booze, the magazine is tasty.

I give you all permission to go out a buy a copy, you know you want to...

If anyone asks you can always say, "Yeah, Mike said to go check it out, I wasn't going to until he recommended it."

Posted by michael at May 11, 2004 08:56 AM