May 09, 2004

Today is Mother's Day, and per Michele's wish, we are having a quiet morning.

Yesterday, I had a little free time and tried out my new raviloi maker gear.

I made raviolis, spagetti, and some fettucine. Michele will have some pasta to cook for the girls this week.

Next week is E3. I'll be going on Friday. I look forward to E3 every year and am a bit disappointed that my brother Matt can't make it. He just started a new job and can't get away.

E3 portends to be drama filled with the hype over Half-life 2 and Doom ]|[ on display on the show floor. I don't think I'll take the laptop to blog from the floor, it's just too hectic. The camera will be snapping and I'll post them next weekend.

Posted by michael at May 09, 2004 09:33 AM