April 26, 2004
LA Radio takes another hit

This morning I was driving to work and flipping through my presets. When I got to button two, Arrow 93.1, I heard talking. Huh? 93.1 is the rock station that plays music 24/7 and doesn't go for the talk stuff. While not a big classic rock fan, I do like having a station where music plays songs I know.

Sure enough, 93.1 has a new wacky morning funnyman, Johnny B. Fromt he looks of it, we are going to be stuck with this comedy jokester for a while. God damn, what is it with the morning show trend. I count my blessings that Indie 103.1 has still resisted the trend to host their music in the morning.

I've resisted the idea of satellite radio for a while, but it almost looks inevitable when you find it hard to find music on FM radio. Adding yet another monthly charge to the budget is unappealing, but if the trend toward talk continues, it may be my only asylum.

For those of you that simply must know, my radio presets are:

1) 89.3 - KPCC
2) 93.1 - Arrow
3) 97.1 - KLSX
4) 103.1 - Indie 103.1
5) 106.7 - KROQ

Posted by michael at April 26, 2004 10:01 AM