April 24, 2004
Battlestar America

Yesterday in the mail I got the Battlestar America CD in the mail. I had heard a clip of Battlestar America from a link on Boing Boing a week or so ago.

The band blends country and bluegrass with hip-hip into a great blend. As their promo card says, it's Half Country, Half Hip-hop, All Good.

Michele and I listened the whole whole album twice last night. It's Turn off the TV week, don'tcha know? And we don't have anything better to do than sit int eh living room and listen to fresh tunes. We are in love with the whole thing. Scratching and fiddle are meant to go together!

The band is fairly off the radar scope, so much that when I ripped the album into the house media server, I had to enter the CDDB data for album myself. That's a first...

Battlestar is based in New York, so you East Coast peeps might even be able to score a live show.

In any case, buy the damn album and get these people moving toward fame and fortune.
You'll probably get a note from Rench, the frontman, just like I did. It will be worth $$$ when Battlestar is a mega-band with adoring teeny-bopper fans.

Posted by michael at April 24, 2004 09:11 AM