April 18, 2004
Gearing up

I'm in Burbank airport waiting for my plane to leave for Vegas. This week is the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention. Yet again, I make the pilgrimage to Sin City to look at broadcasting and post production hardware.

Let's see, I've been going to NAB since '90. I think I've missed two years, once when I was in Singapore and once when we launched Toon Disney. That means this will be my 12th NAB. Wowsa. That's a lot of time walking the floor and drinking free booze at parties.

Believe it or not, it loses it's glamor over time. It's a good time, but Vegas is much better when you are not there for business. I wish Michele was going to Vegas with me. That girl knows how to party. :)

In other news, Michele and I are now the proud owners of a new mattress. We got a good one and Michele is quite happy with it. Phew. If I effed that up, It would have been a costly mistake. The mattress sits much higher than our old one and that will take some getting used to over time.

Last night Mira and I went to the opening at Sean's Sixspace. Pretty cool stuff. I liked the fabric work. If I hadn't been so busy corraling Mira, I would have had a chance to look at the prices. I got a chance to talk with Grant & Jill a bit and said Hi to Sean. Mira liked the show alot and was eager to see everything.

Unfortunately, we missed the Brewery Art Walk. For some reason, I thought the Art Walk was in the evening and planned to see it on the way home from the gallery. Grant told me that the Art Walk was over. According to Jeff, I missed a good time. Maybe next year.

Have a good week. Be nice to yourself.

Posted by michael at April 18, 2004 12:21 PM