April 16, 2004
Staying out late, drinking booze, listening to rock & roll

Last night Michele and I went out to see the Twilight Singers at Spaceland.

We had seen the Twilight Singers just a few days ago when were in Cincinnati. Greg Dooley was the frontman of the Afgan Whigs, a Cincinnati band that Michele loves. Now he fronts the Twilight Singers.

We got to Spaceland in Silverlake and waiting outside in line until the doors opened at 9PM. As we headed up to the door, the bouncer was making a lot of noise about getting our licenses out and being reader to hand them to him. In his hand was a contraption of some sort. He took our driver's licenses and swiped them through. On the screen, our ages popped up. It was an electronic age verifier that read the magnetic strip on the back of the driver's licenses. Damn cool. Bad news for the underage crowd, but my geekness was intrigued.

We had time to kill and took advantage of the wide set of choices at the bar. :)

The first band was Pilot to Gunner. They are a good rock band with some good passion and nice songs. Michele bought a t-shirt and they gave us a demo CD.

The second act kinda sucked. I don't want to mention the name, cause they don't deserve the bad google juice. It just wasn't our kind of music. I'm sure some people love it, but I think I dozed off for a song or two.

Twilight Singers came on stage a little after 11:30PM and played hard. It was the same set and act that we saw in Cincinnati. Michele was in heaven and I was enjoying the show. They were still playing a 1:30 AM when Michele looked down at her watch and said we had to go. Nanny Rachel was at home watching the kids and we had to scoot.

Michele hits the road and we break multiple traffic laws on the way home.

Good times. Good times.

Posted by michael at April 16, 2004 04:52 AM