April 05, 2004
Found goodness

Thanks to a note from a reader of my post about self-publishing, I was able to track down a copy of the book NeoAddix by Jon Courtney Grimwood. It winged it's way to me from England and I read it in the last couple days.

NeoAddix by Jon Courtney Grimwood

After about the third paragraph of NeoAddix, I knew it fit seamlessly into the world I first encountered in ReMix, Grimwood's third novel. The world takes place in a slightly alternative future where France still has aristocracy and the advancement of genetic engineering is common place. The world has a harsh edge to it. The boundary of right and wrong is blurry and power is the goal above all else including money or fame.

The story wanders into themes of the corruption of power, the future of medicine, and the interconnectedness of crime. I was suprised to find that several of the characters int he book are mentioned in the later books. In fact, they play key roles. Alex Gibson and Razz both appear in ReMix with references to them that I really didn't understand. Now I have a clear picture as to where they came from.

The cyberpunk style is much like William Gibson with a future that doesn't need a lot of explanation, but with a harder edge of world spanning conspiracy and cruelty. The book was hard to get, but worth it. The second book in the series, Lucifier's Dragon, is on order from England now. It looks to continue on in the world Grimwood has created.

Posted by michael at April 05, 2004 08:05 PM