April 02, 2004
New weblogger

I was talking to my friend Joe at the Crawfish party last weekend and got to talking about blogging. In my drunken state, I demanded he get a blog and begin writing immediately. He's an English major for christ's sake.

When I sobered up I took a few moments and helped get his blog up and rolling. So go check out FlickerBlamPow and give him some comment love.

Yes, yes, it's the default MT template. I added in RSS & Atom feed linsk though. If one of you CSS saavy types wants to help him out with design help, it would be awfully kind.

He's only got one post so far, but I think once he gets rolling, it will be good.

In other blog news:

Paul has a crow's nest outside his office with little eggs in it.

MisterP is against all marriage.

Sonny hates The Flaming Lips. WTF? I love the Flaming Lips!

Kathy thinks best while naked.

Posted by michael at April 02, 2004 08:00 AM