March 29, 2004

Yesterday was a day of rest after the crawfish party.

Late in the afternoon, the girls and I took the train downtown to a meetup for people from #joiito IRC channel. The meetup was at Phillipe's: Home of the French Dip, one of my favorite places in LA.

The meetup wasn't very big, just Grant and his girlfriend Jill showed up. I had met Grant in San Diego at ETech and it was good to see him again. As Grant mentions, it was more like dinner with a friend than a meetup, but fun none the less. My girls had a great time.

Mira, Zoe, Jill, and Grant


A number of people have commented on the picture of the girls playing the Battlefield Vietnam. Well, they are well rounded gamers. Here is Zoe playing a Barbie video game where they get to give virtual makeovers. At one point I looked over and the had put a mud mask on the face and cucumbers on the eyes.

Go, go, girl gamers!

Posted by michael at March 29, 2004 08:59 PM