March 07, 2004

Last night Michele and I took the girls out to the Glen Friedman opening at Sixspace. This was the first time we've taken the girls to an art gallery instead of the museum.

We were concerned that the feel of the gallery would weird them out or that they would go wild knocking frames off the walls. But they behaved well and had a good time. Zoe said, "Let's go to another gallery now!" as we left. Looks like Michele and I will need to scope out age appropriate shows going forward.

I snapped a phonecam pic of Sean at the gallery.

We got a chance to talk to a few nice people, but I was a bit nervous the whole time, trying to keep an eye on the girls. Hopefully next time I'll be relaxed. So if you know of galleries with kid friendly xhows, please let me know.

Posted by michael at March 07, 2004 10:39 AM