March 06, 2004
Friday Night Poker

Last night was poker night at Brad's house. I didn't think I'd make it since it was the girl's talent show. We left the house at 6:30 and we back home just before 8PM. Since Brad's games go until at least midnight, I'd have a chance for a few hours of play.

I drove up and took the fifth seat at the table. Usually the betting in the early hours is low, but these guys were reaching for the buck & two buck chips right off the bat.

I played tight to get the feel of the table and see what people were doing. The play was lively with good sized pots. I played out some good hands only to get smacked down several times. Usually a Queens over sevens full boat is a winner, but I ran right into 4 eights.

A little dejected, I kept to my plans and tried to play tight, getting out unless I had strength and not betting on cards yet to come. I split a large pot in anaconda and it seemed to turn things around a bit. A number of pots came my way and I was feeling good.

In one particular hand, I was suprised to find a straight flush staring back at me. I overplayed it and the group folded out on me. Never the less, it was fun to get a straight flush.

I didn't come away from the table on the plus side, but at least I walked away with some of my money in my wallet. The game was a good time and I look forward to next month, where I can donate even more money.

Posted by michael at March 06, 2004 10:07 PM