February 19, 2004
Media Happiness

A couple days a ago I moved the media server into the living room. I took out the stereo and CD player and replaced it with this:

Michele wanted this setup. From here, she can play any of the music on the speakers and even rip new CDs as we buy them. We can also get to the music from any of the other computers. I should be getting a smaller and more aesthetically pleasing keyboard and mouse. Eventually the server will move inside the cabinet and we might get an LCD monitor. Hopefully the sub-woofer will find a place on the floor.

Next I want the Dlink Wireless Media Player to stream video to the TV off of any computer in the house.

In other news, check out the 1000 Fighting Styles of Donald Rumsfeld.

Posted by michael at February 19, 2004 08:42 AM