January 30, 2004

Our CD library has been ripped to MP3s.

The process took about 4 days. I ripped on two computers at night and Michele helped out during the day ripping a stack of CDs, even though she thinks I'm a data hog.

The end result:

Over 5000 songs taking up just over 30 gigs of space. Not bad for a library.

Here are the bags of ripped CDs before I put them away. Out of the almost 400 we ripped, only 5 had problems that wouldn't let the CD-ROM read them. I'll probably pick up a CD polisher and see if I can fix them. The girls' game CDs could use a little polishing.

In other news, Zoe entered her first Science Fair.

She won the 'Most Fun' award for her investigation. I'm so proud.

Posted by michael at January 30, 2004 09:04 PM