January 17, 2004
Can you read this?

At Christmas I recieved this wonderful shirt. My brother Matt found it and thought I would like it.

Can you read it?

I thought that most computer & tech people would get he joke. Yesterday I wore it ot work and everyone kept asking 'what is 3l337'? Now, I work with an IT and an engineering department and I expected most people to get it.

Only two people, Nathan & Yoshi, read the patch at first glance. Are hacker-knowledgeable people really so rare?

In any case, if you don't understand it, 3l337 translates to elite in hacker-speak aka leet-speak.

If you are interested in the connotation of elite or the basics of hacker-speak, read more.

Until later, j00 r 411 l4m3rz! I 0\/\/nz0r j00!!!

Posted by michael at January 17, 2004 07:25 AM