January 04, 2004
Sunday Catchup

Nothing big this weekend since the Auto Show.

Looks like Len is starting to get his blog on... Congrats to him as part of the MER team!

Speaking of MER take a look at Susan's site, she's at the JPL discussions about the mission and is blogging the speakers. Great work.

Also, the Mass Digital Gallery has great animations of the whole mission. Truly impressive.

Thanks to Andy at Waxy.org, I heard that there's a new radio station in LA at 103.1. I need to give it a listen on the way to work tomorrow. Hopefully, there is no witty morning DJ.

Funny coincidence: Squidly writes about trying Abelour a'bunadh scotch. Guess what I bought last week? Yep.

Lastly, check out the Videolan VLC media player. The thing rocks. It plays all kinds of media and even DVDs. It can even handle AC3 audio.

Posted by michael at January 04, 2004 10:03 PM