January 02, 2004
LA Car Show 2004

James, Joseph, and I went to the LA Car Show today. Thanks to the tip from Moxie, we picked up $2 off coupons and headed to downtown LA.

I'm not a huge car fanatic, but the Show was a good time. I got to look at, sit in, and touch almost every car made.

Here are a few pictures...

One of the concept cars had WWII style nose art on the steering column. Cool.

Interesting cut-away engine. You don't see that every day.

A cut-away of the Toyota Prius Hybrid car.
Can you tell I'm an engineer? I like the insides more than the outsides.

Me in a new MR2. I got to sit in many cars, I wish they had the keys in the ignition.

Spinning Bling Bling
The most outrageous car I saw was the Maybach. The car is basically for being driven around in while you sit in the back in a recliner. Completely over the top. Posted by michael at January 02, 2004 11:25 PM