January 01, 2004
Poker Lessons

Happy New Year!

The blogosphere is awash in New Years greetings and resolutions. While I wish you all the best things in 2004, I am not going engage in the public resolutions thing.

I am gunna talk about Poker. Thanks to Brad, I got to play some poker on New Year's Eve Eve. The games at Brad's house are friendly affairs with a $20 buy-in and a $2 raise limit. Enough to make it interesting, but not enough for hard feelings.

I have a great time everytime I go. This session was no exception, even though I left $20 lighter than I arrived. :)

A few nice scenes from the gameplay...

Playing five card draw, deuces wild, Chris drew 5 cards to the derision of the table.
He pulled a nice set of three aces and took the pot easily.

Rich produced the rare and elusive straight flush.
Brad retired the deck and intends to mount the hand in a picture frame for preservation.

Here are a few lessons I learned:

1) Even when you have a full house, someone else may have four queens.
2) A flush is a good hand, but not a great hand, when playing Anaconda.
3) Don't let the newest player sit to the right of the most experienced player.
4) Luck plays a big part of poker, don't forget it.

Posted by michael at January 01, 2004 10:26 AM