December 23, 2003
Why bloggers blog

Several people have been talking about why they blog and what they need to reveal or hide. Both Joi and Casey have been discussing it.

After a bit of thought, blogging is really about one thing and one thing only. Getting recognition. To those of us down with Transactional Analysis, it's all about the warm fuzzies.

People crave attention and praise more than anything else in life. More than money or possessions.

Bloggers love comments. Bloggers love getting side emails. Bloggers love Trackbacks and links to their weblogs.

Sure, there are some people (like me) that have the secondary goal of spreading some information or knowledge around, but the primary goal remains getting attention.

Let's be honest here folks. Bloggers will change their weblog in the direction that gets them more eyeballs, clicks, links, and comments.

The difficulty is riding the line between what people want to know and what will cause you more trouble in life.

Feel free to disagree, I love the comments. :)

Posted by michael at December 23, 2003 01:46 PM