December 07, 2003
The BeerNeck

Several weeks about, I was watching the Daily Show and on the screen came Curt "The BeerNeck Guy" Silbert talking about his new invention, the BeerNeck.

The BeerNeck is of course, irresistable to me. I am always setting my beer down and forgetting where I put it. I needed the Ultimate Drinking Tool.

I ordered the BeerNeck and forgot about it. Several weeks later, when I was out of town, the BeerNeck arrived in the mail. The same day, Curt Silbert, Chief of, actually called my home to make sure the package had arrived. Michele took the call and said, "He was very, very enthusiastic." Now that's what I call customer service.

Here is the BeerNeck. Note the neoprene case is for insulation.

The cap has an embedded opener for opening the bottle. Ingenious!

The bottle fit in perfectly and it was easy to zip up.

The cap then fits on top of the bottle to prevent spillage while I walked around.

The elastic lanyard is soft and the beer felt comfortable hanging there.
I did a few normal tasks around the house like cooking, taking out the trash, and sitting at the computer.
The BeerNeck never got in the way.

With a quick flip of my thumb to open the top, I was able to partake of cold, tasty beer.

The BeerNeck gets two thumbs up from me. At $10-$12 depending on style, it's worth the money. The style points alone you'll receive at your next BBQ are worth the price.

Posted by michael at December 07, 2003 05:30 PM