December 06, 2003
What's with all this then...

Back at the family homestead.

The last night I was in Orlando, I got to ride Mission:Space. We grove up behind the park and walked on stage right at the ride. The ride was amazing. You actually pull 3 Gs when the simulated launch happens. Simply amazing ride.

Today, Michele is off at some Paul Frank clearance sale and I'm with the girls. In a few minutes Mira goes to a birthday party and Zoe and I go shopping.

We've agreed that a Roomba is in order here at Chez Pusateri. They are on sale and I've got a 20% off coupon. Obviously, I'll post about it once the robot is in use.


When I arrived home there was a stack of packages from Amazon on the table. My copy of Golden Transendence has arrived. The end of the trilogy is at hand but I am in the middle of Quicksilver. I'm on page 673 of 916. There ar worst things than be surrounded by good books.

OK, time to go. More later.

Posted by michael at December 06, 2003 10:33 AM