November 30, 2003
The problem with Tivo

Tivo is a great thing, but there is one problem. I never know when new shows are coming.

Since I tend to fast forward through the commercial breaks, I miss the promos for new shows as well. In the last couple days I've realized that there are several things I have not heard about, yet want to watch. I like both Jeremiah and Horatio Hornblower, yet I was unaware that new episodes were coming. Luckily with Hornblower, I found out today, two days in advance. Unluckily with Jeremiah, I've already missed the first two episodes.

Tivo suggestions is good but I rarely check it, but there needs to be a companion web site that emails you info on recommended upcoming shows.

This is a symptom of the bigger problem the PVR is bringing to Television. When people stop watching promos, it's going to be much, MUCH harder to get them to watch new things. I'm not sure what going to happen, but the way television is promoted is going to change.

Posted by michael at November 30, 2003 01:35 PM