November 30, 2003

Since Thanksgiving, I've been doing a little cleaning around the house. In the study here, there is a closet which is the closest thing I have to a private space in the house. That's where I keep tools, computer bits, empty boxes, and anything else I don't want the girls into. Over that last few months it had become full to the brim.

I cleaned it out. Below you can see all the trash I pulled out.

The old computer stuff I gave away to a bunch of people I know online from Genmay. The closet is remarkably empty now and Michele is quite happy.

On Saturday I continued to clean my desk and found even more stuff to toss out. The girls went to play at the Andersen's during the day and Michele and I went to go see Kill Bill. Her first time, my second. Let me again stress how good this film is. Tarantino is hitting on all cylinders with this one and I eagerly await Vol. 2.


I was happy to see that The Golden Transcendence by John C. Wright is now in-print. Obviously I ordered it immediately and anxiously await it's arrival. I'm currently reading Quicksilver and I'm now getting into the flow of the book. Good thing I'm going on a business trip to Orlando this week or I might be forced to choose between the two.

Posted by michael at November 30, 2003 12:49 PM