November 24, 2003
The Traditional Apple Thread

(I posted this elsewhere, but thought you all might enjoy it)

Poster: There's a problem with an Apple Product
Mac Lover: No there's not.
Mac Hater: Yes, there is. [insert details]
Mac Lover: That's a feature, not a problem
Mac Hater: It's a big problem [expand Apple complaint]
Mac Lover: OK, it's a problem, but I've never seen it.
Mac Hater: [Anecdotely evidence of problems]
Mac Lover: [detailed rebuttal]
Mac Hater: [counter rebuttal]
---> [rebuttal cycle continues 5-6 times]
Mac Lover: Regardless, Apple is wonderful.
Mac Hater: Apple is a cold hearted evil empire after your cash.
Mac Lover: Hater!
Mac Hater: Cultist!
Mac Lover: [leaves in a huff to go have a smoke]
Mac Hater: [leaves in a huff to go suck down caffiene]

Posted by michael at November 24, 2003 05:07 PM