November 09, 2003

Earlier in the week, one of the fans in my computer started to go bad. The offending fan started to make a noise and pin slowly. I knew I'd have to replace it or the BIOS chip would burn up in short order.

I went to the hellhole known as Fry's and found a fan that would work, but was not an exact replacement. Close enough till I could pull the original and get a proper replacement.

With the case covers off and a flashlight pointed inside, I saw the usual dust accumulation on the cooling fans. I got a small brush to clean things up. Mira was hovering, as see does any time I puli out tools to work on things. She asked if she could help.

Why the hell not? I gave her the brush and her to clean the dust off.

Mira earning her keep as a tech

I ordered the correct replacement fan and few other cools things. Arrival next week some time.


The smoking of the brisket went well. The meat was most tasty and made for an enjoyable dinner. Michele made mashed potatoes and buttered carrots to go along with the brisket. De-lic-ious.

If you want to see pictures and read a bit more story, hit the MORE link.

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to smoke a three pound brisket. The recipe calls for 2+ hours in the smoker and 8+ hours in the oven.

The brisket has the rub on it and the wood chips are soaking in water

After two hours in the smoker, I brought the brisket inside,
after only 2 hours the meat is 140°+

After 8 hours in the oven at 225° the brisket comes out
The dark liquid is an amazingly strong flavored mixture made of fat and the essence of the dry rub.
The liquid will make the basis of an excellent BBQ sauce.

The brisket was cooked perfectly. I was able to pull it apart lightly with a fork. The flavor was heavenly.

Mr. Diggs, you miss out on yet another perk of Cali life by being in Jayhawk country...

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