November 05, 2003
Plan for the Martix

Tonight at 6:30PM I'm seeing Matrix: Revolutions. The always thinking Mr. P has come up with this plan for seating at the theater.

Please study the attached attack plan. It is the key to us getting good seating for the movie this evening.

When the doors open at 1800 hours, Mike Pusateri will create a diversion by shouting "hey, is that KEANU REEVES?!" During the ensuing chaos, Pat Bryant will move into position to block access to the theater entrance. Travis and I will proceed inside. I will take the near side while Travis will run around the far side. We will proceed up to the Stadium section and enter rows from opposite sides, converging at seats 9 through 13.

Gentlemen, I won't lie to you. It's a risky mission, and some of us may not return. But it is our only hope. Good luck to us all!

This is how true geeks plan a trip to the movies.

Posted by michael at November 05, 2003 12:09 PM