October 30, 2003

Life's been barreling along here at full speed. After my third day of meetings today in Anaheim, I stopped by a local market to pick up some groceries. I don't normally shop there, but due to the supermarket strike, I went in. I was pleased to find this.

A large can of Hello Boss

This is obviously a sign that things are going to get better.


My gaming has been lacking lately with all this pesky travel and work. I downloaded the latest Call of Duty demo. I was surprised at how good they can make these levels. It's a single player game I might actually have to buy. I found my self craving more after the short demo level.

The latest PC Gamer magazine arrived today and I saw review of UT2004. Looks like it will make Halo look like a two year old piece of crap. Wait, Halo is a two year old piece of crap.

5 Things about today

1) I'm tired of catered food.
2) The drive from South Pasadena to Disneyland is a bitch.
3) The girls never get tired of reading Dogzilla.
4) Making hamburgers on a cast iron pan is good, but not as good as making them on a grill.
5) I miss my wife.


Nice story about Atkins and the geek set
Bush's Banner
I want an AMD 64 FX, too bad it costs $800

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