October 25, 2003
Home Chaotic Home

I'm home.

Yesterday, my training finished up around 11 AM and we were under strict orders not to return to work. Michele plucked the girls out of school and they meet me down at the Grand Californian around lunch time.

We scooted into Disneyland and went straight to the Hanuted Mansion. The Haunted Mansion has been redecorated by Jack Skellington in his Nightmare Before Christmas motiff. The place is a sight to behold. If you can get anywhere near Disneyland before the end of the year, stop by. It's well worth it.

Michele was excited to find an entire store devoted to selling Nightmare stuff and picked up a great commemorative plate. She also filled up on squished pennies and quarters.

The girls pushed us to hit a lot of the rides. Let's see, we rode: Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tarzan's Treehouse, Indian Jones, Jungle Cruise, Storybook Boat, Dumbo, Tea Cups and Saucers, Toontown Coaster, and the Matterhorn.

The girls were getting a little tired and wanted to be carried everywhere. This was the sign to wind down the day. We walked back to the hotel and had dinner at the Storyteller's Cafe. A little more souvenir shopping and we headed home.

Tons of mail and email waiting for me in neat little stacks. My copy of Quicksilver had arrived and I hefted the considerable weight, savoring the upcoming enjoyment.

I just started my first load of laundry in the new washer. The washer has more options that a Chinese restauraunt. I need to read the manual.

Soccer starts in an hour, gotta run.

Posted by michael at October 25, 2003 09:35 AM