October 10, 2003
Bubba Hotep

Good evening my faithful droogies.

Michele and I went out tonight to dinner and saw Bubba Ho-tep. The girls were at home with our kick-ass sitter Rachel and we had the evening to ourselves.

Bubba Ho-tep takes place in a rest home where Elvis and JFK run into some strange ocurrances and decide they need to 'Take care of business'.

The movie is enjoyable for the comedy value but also for it's take on the concerns of old age. Ossie Davis steals the show with his acting as Bruce Campbell is hampered by his makeup.

I did expect a little more turns or twists to the plot, but not every movie can be a thriller. Even so, I heartly recommend this movie to everyone. And do yourself a favor, go see this one in a theater. It's dark and there are scary moments best experienced outside the couch of your living room. DVDs are nice and all for romantic comedies, but Bubba Ho-tep deserves your trip to the movieplex.

After the movie, we had the freedom to do pretty much anything. Since we are a boring married couple, we went to Target so Michele could buy a new ironing board. We should have gone to a bar and done shots instead.

I hope I can squeeze in seeing Kill Bill this weekend as well. Looks tasty.

Posted by michael at October 10, 2003 11:03 PM