October 02, 2003
Halo for the PC

This week, I picked up Halo for the PC. Halo is widely considered the best game for the Xbox and was lots of fun when I've played the console version.

Now I'm a multiplayer kinda guy. I thnk the best opponent is another person, not a computer AI. So my thoughts on Halo are about the multiplayer mode. My thoughts are simple.

Halo Multiplayer Sucks.

There I said it. It doesn't live up to any of the hype and is barely mediocre.

Bad things about Halo Multiplayer:

It's s-l-o-w. Everyone moves like they are in molasses.
No dual mode weapons.
The 'killed' info is non-descriptive.
The weapons are underpowered.
No 'lock-on' modes.
Weapon fire creates glare the obscures the view of target.
Can only hold two weapons.
Weapon switching sucks.

Godo things:

The Warthog.
Ragdoll death graphics.

The Single player game is fun, but Halo simply doesn't live up to the hype.

Posted by michael at October 02, 2003 10:47 PM