September 28, 2003
Chocolate Covered Bugles

Last Friday I was in my office talking with Brad when for some reason (unknown to me) I said "chocolate covered Bugles". When I said that, Brad's eyebrows raised and he considered the possibilities. Then I considered the possibilities. Brad said, "You should write that idea down." I did.

On Saturday, I decided to make chocolate covered Bugles. I remembered Alex's Chocolate Covered Twizzlers knew the technique I would use.

I told Michele what I was doing (after I bought the Bugles & chocolate) and she was mildly unsupportive. She said things like "No Way!", "This is going to be a mess!", and "Why are you so crazy? This is for your blog right?!?"

After carefully considering her concerns, I ignored them and walked into the kitchen to begin.

The base ingredients, Bugles and chocolate chips.

This is the doubleboiler setup I made with the bowl of chocolate floating in the pot of boiling water.
I asked Michele how to make it, and she started to help me.
Then she looked up and said, "What the f**k am I doing? YOU figure it out!"

Continue reading about the Bugles....

Zoe on the other hand, was quite supportive of my cooking efforts and helped out.

It takes a while to get the chocolate melted. Have patience, stir a bit, and soon enough it will be smooth and melted.

I simply dipped the Bugle into the chocolate and pulled it out. A chopstick is useful in wiping the excess chocolate off the bottom.

I put them down on wax paper to cool. The first row I laid on their side, but soon decided it was better to put them upright.

I made over 60 chocolate covered Bugles and ran out of wax paper space. To tell the truth, I also got tired of making them.

I had plenty of chocolate left. Looking around the kitchen I spied a few butter cookies.

The butter cookies when into the chocolate and came out fudge cookies.

The chocolate wasn't cooling and hardening, so I placed them on cooling trays in the fridge. In a few minutes, the chocolate got hard and that made all the difference. The children began opening the fridge and snatching them right off the wax paper.

Overall, the Chocolate Covered Bugles are quite tasty and easy to make. The combination of the salty Bugle with the sweet chocolate is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I heartily recommend making a batch yourself. Posted by michael at September 28, 2003 11:29 PM