September 28, 2003

I played poker Friday night and had a good time.

Due to my slacking, I got there a little late and we played from about 8:30 until midnight. We played all kinds of poker from the standard five card draw to higher betting things like Texas Hold'em and Baseball to the new (to us) Cincinnati and High Flush Wins.

Anaconda was probably the funnest game. The ability to 'pass the trash' to other players is fun. We found that playing Anaconda Hi Only is a sure way to piss off poker purists.

We hung out, drank beers, ate junk food, and smoked cigars. Quite a good time. I lost $2.75, but it was well worth it. Many thanks to Brad for hosting and to Katy for her delicious brownies!

Posted by michael at September 28, 2003 10:50 PM