September 23, 2003
Hat Help

I recently recieved this email:


I read your piece about washing hats and had a
question about hats that nobody can seem to answer. I
don't know if I just have a small head or if I'm not
doing something right, but any hat that I wear that
has that plastic liner thing you talked about looks
funny on me. I mean the liner doesn't form to my head,
it just stays kinda square like when I first nought
it. I just got into baseball, so I really want to wear
my team hat. Is there some kind of technique to
getting the hat to form to your head or look more
round? Or am I doomed with a small head? I tried to
ask the guy at the sports store, but he looked at me
like I was stupid (My guess is because I'm 27 and just
started getting into sports). Oh well, so much for
good customer service.



I'm a little stumped as to what to tell Pete. Can anyone offer some advice?

Posted by michael at September 23, 2003 07:51 AM