September 22, 2003

On Friday night Michele and I went out to see Underworld with Travis and Kim. We saw the movie at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in the heart of Hollywood. Seeing a movie on the big screen in an important theater was lots of fun.

Underworld was a good time. Good fun with tantalizing story stuff to keep you wanting more. Sure there were a few holes, but the movie delivered on the promise of vampires vs. werewolves. I loved Viktor fighting the werewolf and the cool ass weapondry.

When I got home I checked the reviews on the internet. I'm not one to dive deep into a movie before I see it. I was blown away to see that the critics didn't like it.

Let's see, 13 'professional critics' give it a C+ and 4118 real people give it a A-. Critics are so out of touch with good films it's insane.


I finished American Gods on Saturday. I highly recommend it. I read a ton about various mythologies when I was a child and this book is full of references and interesting bits from all different cultures.

It's made me want to go read Neil Gaiman's other books. I started reading A Place so Foreign. I knew it was short stories, but I was suprised to realize that I had read three of the nine stories in magazines previously. Cory's defintely got the sci-fi mojo and I look forward to the upcoming Eastern Standard Tribe.

OK, I'm tired. Going to bed. Y'all be good.

Posted by michael at September 22, 2003 10:11 PM