September 22, 2003
Bike Stores

We are buying a bike for Michele. A very specific bike that isn't routinely carried in stores.

In tracking down this bike, I must have called a dozen stores. They all seem the same, busy and un-organized. No one seems too focused on actually selling bikes.

I have left my number with several stores for call backs and have not recieved a single one. What's wrong with these people?

When I finally place an order, I make the specifc request that they call me when bike is ordered from Bianchi and they have confirmation that it is on it's way. I called back today and they could give me no information other than saying, "I asked the manager and she nodded her head. I think that means your bike is on it's way."

You think? Nodded her head? What is this, charades?

I want some damn answers folks!

Posted by michael at September 22, 2003 05:06 PM