September 18, 2003
Time to read

I got home tonight and changed clothes in the bedroom. I looked down at my nightstand and realized I need to get to some reading.

Packed nightstand

I've got 5 books lined up to read. If I even head near a bookstore, tackle me. On the nightstand I have American Gods, A Place So Foreign, Red Thunder, Ilium, and Build Your Own Combat Robot

I can read fast, but this will keep me busy for a while.

Someone in IRC mentioned something called Puzzle Pirates. Evidently it is some sort of pirate MMORPG. I need to check it out.

I read a post over at Handcoding about using VNC for remote control. I need to look into that further.

Tomorrow, Underworld open and Michele and I are going to see it. Woot!

Posted by michael at September 18, 2003 11:02 PM