September 15, 2003
Enterprise in the hizzou

Last night I watched the season premiere of Enterprise. It was great.

For those not following, at the end of last season, the Earth was attacked by an alien probe and 7 million people were killed. Enterprise was recalled and told to go out and find the people responsible (the Xindi). They added a team of Starfleet commandos, new weapons, and a bad-ass attitude.

This week they finally got to the ooo-scary Delphic Expanse, and started on the hunt. I liked it. Why?

1) Opening music better. (Hard to believe, I know)
2) Aliens that were not humans with plastic on their forehead.
3) Vulcan hottie outfit
4) Archer acting like Kirk instead of Janeway
5) Firefight with women commando kung-fu action
6) Floxx manipulating everyone
8) No simple answers
9) 'Distortion field' craziness
10) The alien boss sucking on gas. I kept expecting him to say "'Heineken'? Fuck that shit! 'Pabst Blue Ribbon'! "
11) Lastly, and most importantly, NO ETHICAL DILEMMAS

Give it a watch. I've still got the premiere on Tivo if you need it.

Just a little taste for you more visual types...

Posted by michael at September 15, 2003 07:20 AM