September 09, 2003
2 hours + 2 minutes = Wow

I went to the doctor today. My throat has been hurting for a few days and I knew it was probably something I needed to see the doctor about. Yesterday, I told Michele that I was gunna have to go and endure the visit to get the needed anti-biotics.

Today I left work early for the Doctor's Office. I had to wait for TWO HOURS to see the doctor. She walks in, asks me what's up, looks in my ears, then looks in my mouth. When I said 'Ahhh', she said 'Wow!'

When the doctor says 'Wow', it can only mean that you are not malingering. It means you have some actual illness. In my case, I have acute pharyngitis.

So after a quick trip to the pharmacy I'm on a ten day course of pills to kill the evil nasties attacking my throat.

It would have been nice if I could have avoided the 2 hour wait in the office and simply bought the anti-biotics at the pharmacy like I do with aspirin and cough syrup. I hope that some day we can get to a place where adults are allowed

In other news:


I took the train to work today and on the way I finished Guns, Germs, and Steel. I really enjoyed the book. It wasn't so much a book that changed my way of thinking, but it did make see things in a different way. The author's take on the path of history and the successes and failures of various societies resonates with my scientific thinking.

I recommend the book to anyone interested in the history of the world from a non-political viewpoint.

Yoshi loaned me American Gods to read. He told me it was good and some sci-fi would be tasty after a big history book.

FYI, Cory Doctorow's new book is out. I ordered a copy on Amazon.

Video Games

This weekend I picked up Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons. BF1942 is a great game and the previous expansion was excellent. From the little I've played of the new expansion, it's great as well. The rocket pack and amphibious vehicles are fun. When I'm feeling better, I'll play it more.


Oops, I dropped my $293 million satellite on the floor.

Happy Birthday Travis - I talked to him at work and he didn't even let on.

Nice knives

Toynbee Tiles

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