September 07, 2003
The Elvis Sandwich

Yesterday, after the soccer game, I decided to make lunch. Mira and I decided to make sandwiches. Now was my chance to make an Elvis Sandwich. I had read about the Elvis Sandwich at Handcoding. Alex wrote that they were delicious. The recipe is on his site.

The ingredients

Here are the makings: peanut butter, honey, bananas, butter, bread, bacon and the recipe.


In Alex's description, he mentioned haivng trouble buttering both sides of bread and keeping the butter off of things. The technique I use involves placing the buttered sides against each other while making the rest of the sandwich.

Butter on butter action

Next, I spread the peanut butter on. You can see the butter layer, projected from the surface.

Technique in action

As you can see, Mira placed here bananas and bacon on her sandwich. She didn't want to have any honey. Go figure.

Mira the helper

I cooked the sandwich like a grilled cheese version. The smell was rather sweet in the air.

The Elvis Sandwich

Mira and I sat down to eat. She was a little apprehensive and only took a couple bites of the sandwich before she reached in and pulled out the bacon.


I enjoyed lunch quite a bit. The melted bananas and peanut butter were good together and the saltiness of the bacon make the whoel thing delicious. I was quite impressed. It is a gut buster, so I don't recommend eating two in a sitting, but you may be hungry. :)

I am please to heartily endorse the Elvis Sandwich. Next time you get the chance, give it a try.

Posted by michael at September 07, 2003 11:49 PM