September 02, 2003
Ramping back up to speed

The last two weeks have been filled with work, travel, and a lack of blogging.

We returned from Cincinnati yesterday, and I'm getting back into the normal rhythm of home again. Hopefully I will keep you entertained better going forward.


Waxy has a great post with links to superb mixes from the 80s. Absolutely kick ass stuff.

Martin has changed his blog to maximum annoy factor, knowing I hate cicadas.

Squidly has a copy of a hilarious Apple Switch Ad. Mac Lover or Hater. You'll laugh at this.

Alex at Handcoding has a recipe for Peanut Butter/Honey/Bacon/Banana sandwiches that I much try. It's like a chokersandwich on steroids. Don't tell my wife.


Looks like President Bush is starting to take some heat for a wrecked economy and an overseas quagmire. It's about time. This election looks to be a humdinger of a slugfest. No centrists allowed. In an article at Salon about the election I read these tasty bits about the Democrats and thier feelings toward Bush.

It's not just his harebrained ideological nostrums for how to reorder America and the world. They hate him and it's personal. They hate his frat-boy smirk, his phony fly-boy act, his cringe-inducing mangling of the language, his born-again sanctimony, even his Texas twang and his godforsaken, tumbleweed ranch where only someone as fence-post-dumb as W. would hole up in August.

Hell, yeah. Let's get this tussle started.

Posted by michael at September 02, 2003 11:33 PM