August 18, 2003
Slowing down

Lessee here, the weekend is almost over and I still don't feel rested. Perhaps I got too much sleep. Perhaps the music will get me going.

[Listening to: Low - Foo Fighters - One By One (4:28)]

On Saturday night, I went out with James and saw SWAT. I was pleasantly suprised. SWAT is a good action movie, no more, no less. The movie had the feel of the TV show (which remember watching on TV back in the day) and didn't go off the deep end in effects or plot. The basic ideas were plausible as opposed to the Bad Boys 2 invasion of Cuba.

At the movie I saw the trailer of Timeline. I read the book it's based on a while ago. It looks to me like they changed the plot quite a bit. Crichton gets involved with the filming of his novels, so I'm sure it will be fine, but I hope they keep many of the key parts of the book in the movie.

Today, we went to go see Steel Conflict, a robot war event.

The arena

I've been to a robot fighting event before and knew it could be fun. The event itself was at the Petersen Automotive Museum. An amazing place in itself.

Unlike the last event I went to, this event was outdoors. The sun made it harder to see what was going on inside due to glare, but it was fun nevertheless. People really put a lot into the robots and it's great to watch them go into battle.

7 feet across

This is my favorite robot. It's 7 feet in diameter. On the inside you see those red areas. The inside of the robot spins like a washing machine. When another robot goes on top, it starts getting bludgeoned by the spinning bars. Quite impressive when you see the robot shredding the wheels on another robot.

I'll have to keep an eye on the Robot Fighting League site to see when the next battle is scheduled in LA.

Posted by michael at August 18, 2003 12:01 AM