August 16, 2003

I guessed I missed posting on Fair and Balanced Friday. My brother did a good fair and balanced post though. It's Saturday morning and finally life has slowed down a bit.

Yesterday evening, James and I went to go see Pirates of the Caribbean . Damn that was a good movie. I really enjoyed the film. Even the British uniforms were dead on accurate. You know my Age of Sail thing. Coming in November is Master and Commander, a film based on the novels of Patrick O'brien. Russel Crowe stars as Jack Aubrey. Of course, I much prefer C.S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower stories, but I'll take what I can get when it comes to Age of Sail stuff.

I digress. We saw the movie at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood. The film was played digitally on screen with a high end DLP projector. This technology is the future of cinema, and it looks good. Once the price of the equipment drops and a good method of distribution is developed this will be the way most people see movies.


I got a nice note from Norah telling me how much she likes Cruftbox. She's just starting out into blogging and I pointed her toward using Typepad instead of Blogger. You can cheer her on at Cogitations.

Speaking of Typepad, I saw great demo of it this week. We use Movable Type at the office for a few things and while I was in New York, we had a meeting with some 'influential people' about Typepad and the future path of Movable Type in regards to using them in business. Typepad is quite impressive and the future MTPro software should be able to help a wide range of businesses organizations beside feature hungry, power bloggers.

If anyone else is just getting started into weblogging, I highly recommend going with Typepad.

In other news, I guess in need to help out my NYC friend Keith. It seems he didn't have a flashlight, batteries, radio, or even emergency cash. I guess out here in LA we take the earthquake threat seriously that everyone seems to have emergency supplies in the house. I'm glad to hear that he and everyone else I know in New York made it through fine.


I stumbled upon VentureBlog, which is an interesting site for people that deal with technology planning. I deal with a lot of this stuff at work and even deal with our in-house VC people from time to time, so I find much of the stuff relevant to the discussions we have at work. It's buzz & tech heavy, so consider yourself warned.

Gizmodo continues to be a fun site. The amount fo new gadgets rolling out is astounding.


While on my trip to New York I finished Google Hacks and started Guns, Germs, and Steel. Yes, I know I asked you all for suggestions and promptly ignored them. The day before my trip I walked into a brick & mortar book store and had to buy something. I couldn't remember what people had recommended, so I bought what I had been pondering.

The DaVinci Code will probably be next since three different people recommended it to me in one week.

Alright, that's enough for now. Time to get started with the day.

Posted by michael at August 16, 2003 09:17 AM