August 14, 2003
NYC Wrap Up

As I type this, I'm somewhere over the middle of America in the plane heading home. Unfortunately, I put the computer into standby and most of the battery drained.

Here's a bit of randoms thoughts on my last five days in New York.


On Saturday night I arrived into town, checked into the hotel, and promptly found my self with nothing to do. I checked my email and saw a note from Keith at Unrelated News about Wifi access in the city. I gave Keith a call and we decided to go out and have some drinks.

The different thing about going out with Keith is that we had never meet before or even talked on the phone. Keith was the old room mate of James, my wife's cousin. We had been reading each others weblogs for a while and exchanging occasional emails.

I took a cab downtown and met up with Keith in front of a bar. We grabbed some drinks and started chatting. It was like talking with an old friend. We knew what was going on in each others lives and were able to talk about past events. I had a good time. The fact that the internet had allowed us to get us to know each other fairly well before actually meeting was fairly amazing.

TIme to shutdown the computer due to battery issues. More later.

Posted by michael at August 14, 2003 12:16 AM