August 10, 2003

WiFi access at the Starbucks at Central Park West is good. I'm sitting here with a coffee and obviously typing away. There isn't much for me to do today, so I am going to wander around NY a bit.

Michele asked me to pick up some fabric for her down in the Village, but the store isn't open yet. Perhaps they are closed on Sunday. So until I figure out what to do, I'll just sit, surf, and drink my coffee.

My location and how to reference it in NYC is a bit of mystery to me. Supposedly this area is called 'midtown'. I don't know the zip code. Are zip codes important in NY? How will I find a movie?

There are three young Italian women sitting nearby. One of them has been ranting nonstop about something for 15 minutes. Every couple of minutes she pauses and says, 'eh?' waiting for the others to acknowledge here. They murmur something and then the rant continues. I wish I spoke Italian so at least I knew what her problem was. It's really bugging her.

Posted by michael at August 10, 2003 09:15 AM