August 09, 2003
41,000 Feet

Currently I'm at 41,000 feet in a private jet. It's 12:50PM PDT.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm flying to New York today. Yesterday I got a phone call from the company travel group and they asked if I wanted to fly out on the company's private jet instead of on United. What else could I say but "Yes!"

This is one of the kick ass perks of being inside on the evil trans-national corporation.

I think the plane is a Gulfstream something. There's about 10 seats and a galley. The chairs are more like Lazy-Boy recliners than aircraft seats. Each seat has a personal monitor jack for watching DVDs, music channels and even 110 AC power outlets. Everything is made of wood and leather. There are only 5 passengers, 4 adults and 1 child. It is quite a luxurious way to travel.

America is scrolling by beneath me, a patchwork of farms, desert, highways, rivers and mountains. This flight is not making me want to take more flights, it's making me want to drive across the country and see all the things I'm flying over.

Posted by michael at August 09, 2003 05:47 PM