August 04, 2003
Books & Tivos

I finished one of my birthday books today.

Altered Carbon - Richard Morgan

This novel is mix of old style detective novels and cyberpunk. In the future the technology exists to move a person's consciousness from body to body. Death is avoidable for a price and bodies are regularly sold as 'sleeves'.

Takeshi Kovacs is a specially trained warrior/diplomat known as an Envoy that is pulled out of storage work on a case for a weathly man from Earth. The story launches into a firestorm of action and plot twists.

The author doesn't let the technology get in the way of what is really a detective novel. Piece after piece is laid as you discover what is going on along with the protaganist from his point of view rather than seeing everything from the omniscient POV that is common in many Sci-Fi novels.

If you like crime and detective novels, this book is for you. It's a quick read, and the pace is good for reading a chapter at a time.


Over at PVR Blog, Matt was talking about video extraction. He mainly talks about the difficuly of doing it on the Series 2 boxes. I decided to make up a page about how you do the extraction on a Series 1.

You can read it here: Video Extraction from a Tivo

As usually, I put in some highly detailed graphics....

Posted by michael at August 04, 2003 10:33 PM